Secure a 100 % buyer protection for your wholesale order on the internet and in Europe

TradeSafe has been developed for the professional and commercial purchase with German and European suppliers and guarantees fair and safe business processing s without charges for the buyer offering beyond that a personal service, even in the international environment.

For this the conventional business process shall be executed simply and efficiently in just a few steps via internet. 

 The TradeSafe processings ensure you a 100% safety in case of:

- delivery failure
- wrong or incomplete delivery
- delayed delivery

and spare you the probably exhausting discussions with changing suppliers from at home and abroad.

It´s that simple how TradeSafe works:
  1. You may collect the TradeSafe signed articles on all marketplaces and shops of in supplier-related shopping baskets.
  2. At the push of a button you are able to send qualified enquiries in your TradeSafe account.
  3. In your TradeSafe account you will receive binding offers including all details on terms, supply availability, VAT treatment and forwarding charges.
  4. You pay via your TradeSafe account, obtain the corresponding documentation and effect payment of the transaction amount into the account of TradeSafe. Professional members have the right to cancel orders within 48 hours at no charge.
  5. Thereupon TradeSafe authorises the supplier to arrange for delivery who will consequently confirm the despatch in our system.
  6. You are then obliged to examine and confirm the proper delivery and the receipt of the invoice within a period stipulated. Otherwise we would ask you to notify us in your account of any problem occurred which one of our employees will solve immediately in your language.
  7. The pay-out to the supplier will be effected after confirmed delivery or successful problem solving.
  8. Based on your order archive you are in a position to send easily enquiries for repeat orders.


Due to safety reasons the order processings can only be effected within the online system of TradeSafe. Advice notes that are sent by email only serve the purpose of information or documentation. Please do not pay directly to the seller as you will lose any buyer protection in this way.

The trading transactions via TradeSafe are solely and directly realized between the buyer and supplier. TradeSafe provides a fiduciary order processing sytem to ensure the proper delivery and settlement with the supplier.

These service contracts with buyers and sellers are based on separate Terms and Conditions as well as on the Fair Trade Policy of TradeSafe.