Fair Trade Policy

The internet wholesale brings substantial benefits for all trading partners and offers even buyers with a smaller business volume and of course suppliers considerable processing advantages and infinite business potentials. Only, if the safety and the confidence regarding the ordered goods and the payment is ensured for both trading partners, both of them will benefit from the transaction.

Considering the individual TradeSafe arbitration processings in case of occurring problems, the TradeSafe concept allows – despite international legal areas and the free drafting of contracts in the General Terms and Conditons – a fair trade and reliable trading conditions, which are geared to the following principles:

R1: Binding character of promises and details

Verifiable promises and details on product quality and functionality, condition of goods, availability, quantity, delivery time and charges are integral parts of the contract and are not subject to be overruled by General Terms and Conditions or any other covenants that are not explicitly documented.

R2: Delivery dates

Delivery dates are considered as the precise date of delivery at the buyer’s premises. Nevertheless they are regarded as non-binding completion deadlines if they have not been confirmed explicitly as fixed dates before. In case of a possible delay in delivery a common tolerance time must be observed.

If the supplier does not stipulate any delivery date, the availability and prompt delivery of the goods are automatically presumed. The supplier, who entrusts the forwarder with the despatch, is completely in charge of the delivery date until the first delivery attempt has been effected. Starting from a time discrepancy of more than 5 working days (given an adequate reminder was sent in due time) a default of contractual obligations shall be assumed.

R3: Product quality

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated by the supplier, TradeSafe always presupposes fully functional, factory-new goods in their original sealed packaging which dispose of all described and depicted product characteristics. The same applies to feasible sortings.

Possible product deviations must be explicitly pointed out in the offer.

R4: Brands and rights of sale

Submitting offers on Zentrada and via TradeSafe the supplier confirms the legitimacy of the goods with respect to utility patents and trademark law as well as his rights of sale on the terms indicated, both, in the legal area of his product range on zentrada and above all, in the home country of the buyer. Should there exist any sales restrictions for the buyer, they have to be expressly identified in the offer.

R5: Commercial trade

Basically zentrada, TradeSafe and the supplier being involved in the TradeSafe processings assume a transaction between commercial parties for commercial purposes.

Any kind of enforcement of the Consumer Act in accordance with German or European law is therefore for privately-motivated purchases excluded. By using zentrada and TradesSafe all parties declare explicitly their commercial status and acting. Likewise we assume that the buyer is entitled to execute commercial declarations of intention.

R6: Transport costs and problems

In general all transport costs (without customs clearance and customs duties, if applicable) have to be specified and accounted transaction based within the TradeSafe order processings. The supplier owes the proper delivery to the delivery address of the buyer and is liable for loss or damage of the goods in transit.

Until the second delivery attempt has been effected, it is not allowed to impose any extra charges on the buyer.

On delivery the buyer is responsible for the immediate examination of the goods with respect to damages in transit and has –due to the assignment of rights of the supplier - to adjust possible damages directly with the forwarder.

TradeSafe, Würzburg as at 17. March 2020