More confidence, increased sales and safer payment processings on the internet and in Europe

TradeSafe has been developed for a multilingual and international commercialisation to ensure safe order and payment processings . The system puts the supplier in a position to settle easily and in a safe and confiding manner at a slight charge transactions via internet and abroad.TradeSafe makes your showroom articles simply and safely available for order, allows a multilingual customer support in the order processing as well as the fiduciary settlement of payment at home and abroad.
Spare the exhausting discussions about modes of payment with your customers.

The TradeSafe processings protect suppliers from:

- non-payment
- unfair and notorious buyer complaints

- legal risks as well as from risks of settlement and General Terms in other European countries

and offers you and your customers more safety and in case of problems TradeSafe support in your national language.

TradeSafe profits are based on successfull transactions. For this we all want to raise revenues continiously by developping new markets and buyers.

To provide all buyers with high security standards, an easy sourcing proccess and many succesfull transactions, we expect our suppliers to follow some basic standards on offer description and the handling of requests and transactions.
Please make sure to meet these guidelines for TradeSafe-Sellers (Download PDF)
for an long term and successful partnership within our network.

Online wholesale transactions are different from consumer eCommerce. The TradeSafe order proccess is based on requests and offers to meet all needs concerning availabilty of higher amounts, different shipping times and costs or European tax (VAT) handlings.

In the following you will read how to start using TradeSafe and how to handle with TradeSafe your online wholesale business:

  1. At first you have set-up your basic TradeSafe account in your zentrada offer management. Then you have the opportunity to assign several articles of your showroom or complete country shops to the TradeSafe order processings which will consequently be signed accordingly and treated preferentially on the marketplaces.
  2. By dint of the shopping baskets of your prospective buyers you will receive product enquires. After examination of the supply availability you can at the push of a button submit binding but temporary offers , including VAT treatment and forwarding charges.
  3. On receipt of order and payment via TradeSafe you will obtain a delivery order by TradeSafe in your product management. As a consequence you will have to confirm the despatch in your zentrada product management which has to include a correct invoice for the buyer.
  4. After the proper delivery has been confirmed or TradeSafe has not received any complaint within a stipulated time limit of 10 working days (Mo-Fr) after despatch the transactions will be brought to account weekly and paid out less transaction charges.
  5. Due to safety reasons the order processings can only be effected within the online system of TradeSafe. Advice notes that are sent by email only serve the purpose of information or documentation.

The trading transactions via TradeSafe are solely and directly realized between the buyer and supplier. TradeSafe provides a fiduciary order processing sytem to ensure the proper delivery and settlement with the supplier.

These service contracts with buyers and sellers are based on separate Terms and Conditions as well as on the Fair Trade Policy of TradeSafe.