How can I quickly find the best offers?

If you already know what you want, search the marketplace with the keywords and compare offers, suppliers and prices as a signed-in user. Only within a network like zentrada it is possible to compare the prices of different wholesale suppliers all over europe.

Price comparison and saving money is much easier and supported with special functions of the "PREMIUM Membership".

If you are looking for product ideas and new trends you should use the product categories in the left column or the specific buyers worlds to your topic. Here, the product offers are listed according to a special performance index (PFI), which reflects the popularity of the product. In addition, you can also see the best selling products and the most successful suppliers in each product category. With zentrada you have the unique opportunity to benefit from all suppliers and indirectly from the experience gained by the trading activities of other members.

These unique benefits are available in all shops and salesrooms of the zentrada suppliers.

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