How do I order a quotation?

As soon as the seller's order is available, you will be informed by email from TradeSafe. In the email you will find a link that takes you to the login on the TradeSafe page and then directly to the offer.
The offer of the supplier is binding, but basically timely limited. So please, after receiving the offer, check as soon as possible all details related to the desired quantity, delivery time, shipping costs and - if applies- VAT treatment for foreign orders.

For further questions, please use the chat function in the transaction to contact the supplier. The supplier can further customize the offer according to your wishes, for example granting a discount. Once the offer meets your requirements, please confirm it within the period prescribed by the Terms and Conditions of TradeSafe, and press the blue order button at the bottom of the offer.

You will automatically receive an order documentation as a PDF file via email and get the link to the online payment page of TradeSafe. Only after your payment was entered by TradeSafe, the supplier receives the order to deliver the products.

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